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Bishops Stortford Beekeepers


 If you have a swarm on your property, contact one of our local Swarm Collectors who will come and retrieve it for you. If you not sure if you have a swarm, please see our articles About Swarms and Know Your Bees. If possible it is best to leave bumble bees where they are. Honey bees should be collected by a swarm collector.

If you are outside the locality then please see the British BeeKeeping Association (BBKA) website to find a swarm collector local to you.


Swarm Collectors

John Palombo – Bishop’s Stortford  01279 501025

Andy French – Bishop’s Stortford    01279 842867

Allan Rostron – Bishop’s Stortford  01279 834463

Colin Woodward – Bishop’s Stortford 07919 520034

Dylan Curry  –    Bishop’s Stortford 01279 860187

Jean Johnson - Takeley 01279 871404, 07545 211546

Steve Hockley – Elsenham            07855 522665

Tony O’Connor – Sawbridgeworth   01279 452110

Simon Rice – Buntingford              07879 642550

Or e-mail swarms@stortfordbees.org.uk

Each of the members listed is covered by Third Party Public Liability Insurance and has several years experience, they may bring a new beekeeper with them who needs to learn good swarm collection techniques. Swarm collection can take a bit of time and they may need to make several visits to ensure that all the bees are collected, Honey bees are wild insects and they may take longer to collect than you had hoped.

 If the swarm is inside a building structure you will be consulted at length on what can or can’t be done.